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2018-04-06, 13.36 (CEST)

Q1 Update


OptiFlower – Industrial Test with Leading Flower Company

During 2018 OptiFreeze started industrial tests together with the leading European flower company in the “OptiFlower” segment. The tests in this segment take longer time in comparison to other application areas, due to the waiting time for the plant to grow. The flower cuttings are at first treated with our unique treatment, stored in cold storage for a long time, and then planted. The growing performance is monitored for several weeks. 

The tests are still ongoing, and the results are positive. With the OptiFreeze method we have increased the life expectancy of flower cuttings. The flower companies see the benefits of a prolonged lifetime of the flower cuttings, as this means there is a greater flexibility when it comes to when to plant. With the OptiFreeze method, there is a possibility to save supernumerary cuttings over production periods, and to have better growing attributes.  

Due to the successful ongoing test, we are now having deeper discussions with our potential customer on how to proceed. At the same time, we are having discussions with other flower cutting companies.

PEF-system – a Larger Chamber in Place in May

Optifreeze ordered a larger PEF chamber to meet customer’s needs during the industrial tests. The new chamber will be in place in May, and is intended to be used in tests with customers.

OptiDry – Good Test Results

In December 2017, tests in the OptiDry-segment were conducted in cooperation with a European company in the segment of dried products such as vegetables and herbs. The tests were very useful when adapting a new food processing equipment in industrial conditions. The test results were good, and the project has gone into a new phase with a higher degree of customization. We have further customers in line for OptiDry, and the discussions are ongoing.

Sales Activities – More Potential Customers Added

As a result of increased sales activities, we are constantly adding more potential customers in our pipeline. We have attended IPM 2018 (The World’s leading trade fair for horticulture) in ESSEN in January 2018. It was interesting and exciting to pitch our technology, and to meet and make contact with potential new customers. We also attended Fruit Logistica in February 2018 in Berlin. It is important for us to spread the word of “OptiFreeze”, to follow trends, and to continuously make new contacts.

Recruitments – New Mechanical Engineer

As a result of increased sales activities, we employed a mechanical engineer. This certain need has occurred when carrying out our projects to the next level, which is sales. The new team member will take responsibilities on mechanics of OptiCept lines, implementation, and industrialization of our products.  

Annual Meeting on the 24th of April

The annual meeting is coming soon. We are excited to meet our shareholders and we hope to welcome as many as possible on 24thof April 2018. 

Lund, April 6, 2018

Eda Demir, CEO

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