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2018-10-18, 13.30 (CEST)

Status Update


Optiflower segment has become our priority number one since we have received so many interests from all the big players in the flower and plant propagation industry.  The first order of OptiCeptTMline is received from one the largest company in the industry. We are now entering a delivery phase. Our current focus is to combine different components of OptiCeptTMline together and make it ready to deliver in January 2019. The on-going delivery of OptiCeptTMis in line with plans. Our sub suppliers are engaged with the project to make sure we keep the time line. Meantime, we also work with different species of cuttings. Our R&D department is working with: Argyranthemum, Lavandula, Mandevilla and Pelargonium.  

The other players in the industry are interested to enter a new project phase with OptiFreeze. We are working on a project continuation with a leading company in floral industry which already started trials with OptiFlower project earlier this year.  


The second trials with three herbs (parsley, dill and cilantro) were conducted on the customer site in the end of September and beginning of October 2018. The tests went well, and the samples are collected both for the customer and their distributer. The samples will be evaluated in October and November 2018. During and following the evaluation, OptiFreeze will hold the close contact with customer to define future actions. 

Share Sales from R&D Manager

Our R&D manager Katarzyna Dymek Krakowiak is one of the founders of OptiFreeze and currently has a total number of 357 321 shares. To be able to finance a private investment, she has decided to sell a small part of her total engagement. Therefore, she sold 10627 shares during the period of 19 September-10 October 2018. This means that she will continue to be one of the largest owners at OptiFreeze. She has a firm believe on the technology and the success of the company. 

Lund, October 18, 2018

Eda Demir Westman, CEO

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