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2018-04-24, 13.30 (CEST)

Status update – New tests with previously announced “OptiDry” customer


OptiFreeze is currently cooperating with a partner within the OptiDry segment and has signed an agreement to perform a second industrial scale test with OptiCept’s new PEF chamber, also this time the customer will part finance the tests. The upgraded PEF chamber is expected to arrive to OptiFreeze on May 9thand the test are expected to be completed by the end of May.

Through an update of the PEF chamber, OptiFreeze will have the capacity to treat more products at a time. The customers are handling different products over a year, and to them it is important to perform tests with different kinds of products to prove the functionality of the technology.

OptiDry is OptiFreeze’s technology for treating dried vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices. With OptiDry, the customer will save energy during the drying process by significantly reducing the drying time of the products, at the same time as taste, aroma and color are preserved. The customers may increase their drying capacity by applying the OptiFreeze technology.

“The previous tests together with our partner were very good and informative. In the past, we have tried to treat some more products with good results. Now, we need to show our customers that the OptiCept line works well with higher capacity and can be applicable with different kinds of products. We will continue the tests until the end of May and then we will take the discussions to a new phase. Both parties’ intention is to use the result from this additional test when designing the system requirement for placing an order later this year.”, says Eda Demir, CEO of OptiFreeze.

Lund, April 24, 2018
Eda Demir, CEO

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