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2019-04-03, 11.49 (CEST)

Annual General Meeting on 11th of April

Welcome to our Annual General Meeting which takes place on 11th of April between 16:00-18:00 at our premises Kalkstensvägen 16, Lund. To attend the AGM, one can either:

  • Write to OptiFreeze AB, Kalkstensvägen 16, 224 78 Lund;
  • Call 046-15 23 00, or;
  • Email info@optifreeze.se.

The required information is full name, social security number/org. number, number of shares, address, phone number and if applicable the name of agent, followed by additional proxys. The last application date is 5th of April 2019.  

By this update, I am pleased to announce that Josef Fisher, Global Innovation Manager at Syngenta, will participate at our annual meeting as a visitor and he will give a speech about Syngenta Flowers, our project OptiFlower and our collaboration. 

You are welcome to join! 

Eda Demir Westman, CEO

Lund, April 3, 2019