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2018-03-09, 08.56 (CET)

Status Update

OptiDry – PEF system with increased capacity

During the customer tests that were started last year, we have observed possible improvements on our industrial PEF system. We are improving the system to cope with wider range of products. The capacity with the new system will be increased 2 to 4 times depending on products.

OptiFlower – Customer tests

The customer tests on OptiFlower segment was started in the middle of January. The tests are currently ongoing. The results are likely to come during the spring. There is a great interest on life expectancy improvements for flower cuttings in the market.

Annual Meeting

The Annual meeting date has been announced for 24thof April, 2018. The meeting will be hold at Optifreeze facility in Lund. We hope that many shareholders can attend the meeting.  There will be a demonstration with our OptiCept system. 

Marketing Movie

We are producing a marketing movie intended to use at our sales and marketing activities. The movie will be published on 14thof March 2018 on our website.

Investor meeting

Eda Demir, CEO of OptiFreeze, will attend Stora Aktiedagen in Gothenburg at 8thof May 2018. The time of the speech will be announced later.  

Lund, March 9, 2018

Eda Demir, CEO