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Pressmeddelanden och nyheter

2018-05-24, 11.52 (CEST)

Agreement with another flower cutting company in Europe


OptiFreeze has signed a test agreement with another world wide leading flower cutting supplier. The tests will be carried in June 2018 at the client facilities. The tests are partially financed by the customer. The intention is to validate OptiFreeze method with different cuttings and continue into the commercial phase.

A signal that OptiFreeze is getting better recognition is that this customer does not require a proof of concept step but move directly to customer testing at their premises.

These tests are slightly different from the already on-going as this Is broadening / widening the application area within OptiFlower. Customer know how and Optifreeze technology will be combined in these tests.

The flower cutting industry had a huge problem of short life span for products.  Seasonal changes or cultivar changes in the farms bring along overproduction or underproduction issues. OptiFreeze technology can prolong the life expectancy of cuttings that optimizes the supply chain and saves cuttings to be wasted. The growing performance of cuttings are increased by OptiFreeze technology, they root and grow faster and become larger/lively plants.

Eda Demir Westman, OptiFreeze CEO, states,

"The OptiFlower segment is one of the most exciting application area where we put the most effort and focus right now. The industry interest has been enormous. Therefore, with current customer, it has been decided to start with trials directly on the customer site without method validation at OptiFreeze facilities. We are working hard to increase sales activity and try to get the interest as many customers as possible. The opportunities and benefits with OptiFreeze technology is great and we aim to provide to the market customized products with maximum benefits to our customers. Our hope is to make OptiCept line as a standard treatment system in flower cutting industry."

For more information, please contact
Eda Demir Westman, CEO of OptiFreeze AB           
Phone: +46 70 600 67 99
E-mail: eda.demir@optifreeze.se