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Pressmeddelanden och nyheter

2019-10-16, 08.30 (CEST)

OptiFreeze has ordered a new PEF-system with higher capacity

OptiFreeze has been working on a new PEF system to increase efficiency and capacity.

The new system is now being ordered to our sub-suppliers to be ready by December 2019.

After trials on the OptiDry and OptiFlower segments, OptiFreeze concluded that the company needs a system that can handle more products at a time. OptiFreeze’s technical team has therefor been working to design a new system during spring and summer 2019. The new system is now ordered to be produced and it will be ready by December 2019. The system will have a better packing rate with water vs. product. This means that the new system will treat more products like cuttings more efficient.

The efficiency of the whole PEF concept will be increased, and the new system will use less power to carry products from one point to another as well. This means that it will save energy during usage. The new system will be ready to test, sell and implement in an industrial scale working environment.

Our aim is to test the new system in industrial conditions as soon as possible.

OptiFreeze technology consists of two steps: Vacuum Infusion (VI) and Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) technologies for OptiFlower, OptiFresh and OptiFreeze applications. For the OptiDry segment only PEF technology is used.


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