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Pressmeddelanden och nyheter

2019-10-02, 12.09 (CEST)

OptiFreeze AB: Change in management


OptiFreeze AB's newly appointed CEO Ulf Hagman has taken office on October 1.

On October 1, Ulf Hagman has formally taken over as CEO of OptiFreeze. During September, Eda Demir Westman handed over to Ulf and she is now starting her maternity leave.

Ulf Hagman is impressed with his first experiences of the company.

“I have now worked parallel with Eda for about a month to familiarize myself with OptiFreeze's operations and the first time has really exceeded my expectations. The company is well managed and has several legs to stand on. The agreement with Syngenta impresses! With my experience from the flower industry for 20 years, I know that Syngenta is dominant in everything that has to do with seeds, flowers and plant growing. But what impresses me most is the commitment that Syngenta takes on our joint project to make OptiFreeze system a world standard in the treatment of both cuttings and cut flowers”, says Ulf Hagman.

“As part of our collaboration, together with Chairman Martin Linde, I have visited Syngenta's two cuttings plants in Kenya. The purpose of the trip was to go through the first results of the project on site and make sure that the work around cut flowers accelerates. The trip has really exceeded my expectations and I look forward to our continued cooperation, ”continues Ulf Hagman.

According to Ulf Hagman, OptiFreeze will now continue to work at a high pace with the tests of various cuttings, but also with tests of cut flowers and will communicate further information on the results as soon as possible.

“Finally, I would like to say that it is with great joy, enthusiasm and faith in the future that I take on the company and are convinced that we will achieve the high expectations on OptiFreeze. The debate of sustainability and how we togethter can reduce wastage in society have increased in recently and OptiFreeze is well positioned to contribute to the solution”, says Ulf Hagman.


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